Our Passion

Our Passion

The Passion at ALN Senior Care & Home Services is very personal. Pictured below are the owners’ children, Allana, Layla and Nevaeh (ALN) with their Great Grandfather Frederick “Wayne” Williams. It has always been a dream of the owners, DeWayne Williams and Amanda Gibson to open a home care agency and make aging in place as easily as possible for the elderly and their family members.

Our PassionOur Passion

 In the early summer of 2015 our dreams became a reality. Right before our eyes and before we were prepared to embark on this journey, Wayne’s health had started to take a turn for the worst and he was admitted to the hospital for a week. Upon release, our family was faced with the harsh reality that Wayne’s, the center-piece of our family, days were numbered and it was no longer safe for him to care for himself or live alone anymore at the fragile age of 89. The doctors gave us two options, place Wayne in a nursing home or provide around the clock care for him in his home. A nursing home was out of the question, Wayne lived is his house since the late 1950’s and made it clear he did not want his final living arrangements to be in a nursing home or anyone else’s home. We as a family, strongly supported this decision and made the quick adjustment in our life so that we could provide the around the clock care he needed. This was the most trying situation our family had ever been through. As a family we were either at work or at Grandpa’s taking care of him, all while balancing the responsibility of providing for three children. In October of 2015, Wayne peacefully passed away in his home surrounded by family and loved ones. The passing of a loved one is never easy to cope with, however we were honored to care for Wayne during his final months and we were humbled that he was able to pass away in the comforts of his own home.

Finding the time, energy, and resources to care for an elderly loved one in their home or yours can sometimes seem impossible. ALN Senior Care & Home Services truly understands this due to their own personal experiences. The company has been built on a long standing dream and their genuine passion and love for not just the elderly, but anyone who needs assistance.  ALN Senior Care & Home Services goal is that the family or caregivers and the persons needing assistance never feel overwhelmed, or that home assistance and sustainability is unachievable.

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