Benefits of The Elderly Owning Pets

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Benefits of The Elderly Owning Pets

Benefits of The Elderly Owning Pets

Elderly Owning Pets

A dog is man’s best friend, and cats are okay too! This statement is particularly true when it comes to the benefits of the elderly owning pets. For elderly pet owners, the pros outweigh the cons. Pets can help reduce stress, lower blood my-pharm-blog, increase physical activity and social interaction, all while helping the owner learn. These are all great benefits of owning pets for anyone, but especially for elderly pet owners.

9 Benefits of The Elderly Owning Pets

1. Companionship
One of the many issues the elderly face as they inevitably age is loneliness. Loneliness can be detrimental to an elderly persons health, as it can lead to depression as well as other physical issues. Pets, especially dogs adapt to the habits of the owners. Dogs are always reliable and available when ever you need them, making them the perfect companions. Small dogs make it very easy for an elderly individual to have a companion for any of their day-to-day endeavors.
2. Routine
Having a pet is a big responsibility. Just like when we bear children, a life becomes dependent on us. The routine of caring for a pet can give structure and purpose to your daily life. Walking the dog daily, or feeding your cat will give your life daily routine. We may not want to go outside everyday, but pets do! Also having a daily routine can help fight dementia.
3. Exercise
Exercise is beneficial to anyone, regardless of age. However, as we age it becomes harder to get in a regular exercise routine. It also becomes easier to skip those routines. A pet, such as a dog, is an excellent way to make walking a permanent activity of your daily rituals. While walking your dog you will be exercising and not even realize it!
4. Stress
Elderly individuals with pets tend to exhibit less stress than pet-less seniors. A happy dog with his tail wagging, or a cat who can not wait to jump in your lap after you sit down can make any situation less stressful.
5. Getting Out
Having a pet, especially one that requires a lot of outdoor activity will help keep you out and about in your community. There is always a need for visits to the vet. Going to your favorite groomer and picking up pet food from the local pet store. Regularly getting out of your house is good for you. Having a pet is a wonderful way to keep you on the move.
6. New Hobbies
Having a pet can introduce you to a number of new hobbies and interests. Maybe while walking your pet at the park you stumble across the wonderful sport of shuffleboard. Also, many hospitals and senior centers will seek out pet owner to volunteer their pets to visit with patients.
7. Meeting New People
Making new friends can be a challenge as we age. There are many social activities that cater to pet owners. These activities include community pet walks and charitable events that are ran by animal organizations. Pets are a great way to break the ice when meeting new people.
8. Protection
Living alone can be scary sometimes, especially when we are elderly. A dog is great source of security when living alone. Lurking thieves are more likely to turn away when they hear the sound of a barking dog. Even if you only have a small lap dog, the person on the other side of the door doesn't know that.
9. Being Responsible For Something
Of course you need your pet, and your pet needs you too. The desire to be needed and wanted doesn't disappear after you retire or your children have become adults. It is very satisfying to take care of another living thing. A pet is a great way to fill this desire.

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