Top 8 Things to Know as a Caregiver For an Elderly Person

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Caregiver For an Elderly Person

Top 8 Things to Know as a Caregiver For an Elderly Person

Top 8 Things to Know as a Caregiver For an Elderly Person

If you have recently become a caregiver for an elderly person, such as a parent or family friend, it is natural to feel a little overwhelmed. You are responsible for the person’s health and well-being, which is always a significant undertaking. Help yourself ease into the home care process by reviewing nine essential things you need to know prior to taking on your charge.

Top 8 Things You Need To Know As A Caregiver For An Elderly Person

1. Medications

Write down every medication the elderly person takes. Include important details such as the time of day medications are taken, the dosage, whether they are consumed with food, etc. Learn where medications are stored, if they are clearly labeled, and whether the elderly person prefers taking them with juice or water.

2. Errands & Chores

Create a schedule for running errands and performing household chores. Work with the elderly person to determine the best times for both. If the older individual cannot help with errands, have someone come to stop-acne-meds while you shop. Do chores while the person is napping if applicable.

3. Cooking & Eating

Find out whether the elderly person needs help cooking or can easily prepare food and clean up. Determine if the individual has any food allergies or requires certain meal components to be cut up into bite sizes.

4. Sleep Habits

Learn when the elderly person goes to bed and wakes up in the morning, and whether the individual naps. If napping is a daily activity, find out where the person prefers to snooze, such as in a comfortable chair rather than the bed. Also determine if there’s anything that helps the person rest, such as drawing the blinds or putting on soothing music.

5. Bathroom Needs

Review the elderly person’s bathroom needs and habits. Is the person completely independent in this regard, or does he or she need assistance with sitting down on the toilet, getting up from the toilet, reaching for toilet paper, washing hands, etc.

6. Exercise

Create an exercise schedule to help the elderly person stay active. Find out if long walks are a favorite pastime, or swimming at the local community center. Low-impact exercises are generally best for for older people.

7. Favorite Activities

Learn what activities the older individual enjoys, such as gardening, reading, doing puzzles, watching, visiting friends, playing card games, and making crafts. Find fun things to do together!

8. Friends & Emotional Support

Ask about nearby friends and relatives the older person enjoys spending time with. Remember that you are the person’s friend as well as the caregiver. This is especially important if most of the elderly individual’s friends and family have passed or no longer live nearby.

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