Holiday Health Tips For Seniors

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Holiday Tips For Seniors

Holiday Health Tips For Seniors

Holiday Health Tips For Seniors

The Holidays are filled with family, cheer, gifts and smiles. For many, the Holiday season is the most anticipated and favorite time of the year. It is all also important to remember the Holidays can be stressful, especially for seniors. Exercise regimes may be put on hold due to a busy schedule, or strict diets may not be followed because of rich holiday meals. Many Holiday gatherings are held at the elder family members home. The thought of preparing a meal for your entire family is enough to cause a stressful situation. Luckily, there are many Holiday health tips for seniors to keep them happy, healthy, and stress free during the Holidays.

Holiday Health Tips For Seniors

 6 Holiday Health Tips For Seniors

1. Make Healthy Decisions

Many individuals have multiple gatherings to attend over the holidays. Multiple gatherings equates to multiple opportunities to indulge in our favorite food. However, over indulging in foods that are not healthy can be extremely harmful, especially for individuals with diseases like Diabetes and congestive heart failure.

Plan ahead for gatherings. If you know you will be having a big dinner Christmas night, it would be wise to eat light and maybe skip any sweets for your Christmas afternoon gathering. By eating light on vegetables, soups, or salad, you are keeping your diet in check and don’t have decline anyone’s food they have prepared for you.

2. Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is very important to a senior’s health and well being. Staying hydrated during the holiday season can be difficult. We often find ourselves going from gathering to gathering, eating, socializing, or cooking during the holidays. This does not leave much time for us to remember when we last had a bottle of water and focus on hydration. Keep a bottle of water in your purse or or in your car during your travels so you always have a constant reminder to stay hydrated.

Whats is Christmas without eggnog or your favorite glass of wine? Many individuals like to have an alcoholic beverage while visiting with their favorite cousin and watching the children play with their new toys. It is important to remember alcohol can make you severely dehydrated. Pace yourself and know your alcoholic limits. Drink water in between drinks to keep yourself hydrated. Water in between your choice of alcoholic beverages will also help you stay clear of the dreaded “Holiday Hangover”!

3. Keep Exercising

Between the Thanksgiving holiday and Christmas holiday is when majority of people tend to ditch their exercise programs. This is due to busy holidays schedules and the cold weather. For seniors, exercise is extremely important to maintain a healthy an active lifestyle and skipping even just a month of exercising can be detrimental to their health.

If the cold weather is what keeps you from exercising during the holidays visit your local senior center. Most senior centers are full of resources and they can direct you to a community center where you could continue your daily 30 minute walk, indoors. If the busy schedule that is accompanied with the holidays detours you from exercising, plan ahead. Manage time wisely and combine task. For example, do your shopping at a mall vs. your local department store. Shopping at a mall requires more walking. You could kill two birds with one stone while walking and shopping at the mall! If you will be in charge of planning multiple big meals for family member during the holidays then you already have a full schedule ahead of you. Waking up a few hours early each day to exercise before you tend to your holiday buy lexapro online usa keep you healthy and active.

4. Change Up Tradition

The holidays are usually spent at an elderly parent or grandparents house, and it has probably been this way for years. As much as parents and grandparents may need our help, they most likely wont ask for help. If you notice preparing for the holidays have become hard for your loved one to prepare, lend a helping hand. Be careful how you approach your helping hand, you do not want to make an elderly loved feel as if they are needy.

If you have a day off before Christmas tell Grandma you are coming over to kill some time during the day. Grandma will be busy preparing the Christmas meal and you can jump right in help without actually having to ask her if she needs help. You can also invite your elderly parents and grandparents to your home for the holidays to take some of the holiday tasks off their shoulders.

5. Rest After The Holidays

If Christmas falls on a Monday and you go to bingo on Tuesdays, skipping bingo to rest can rejuvenate you from the busy holiday schedule. A lot of people tend to shop the day after Christmas. Spending gift cards, making exchanges, and going to sales to kick start shopping for the next holiday season are all reason people shop the day after Christmas. If your looking for sales wait until the Memorial Day sales. Use that gift card to purchase a new TV during the Super Bowl Sales. Stores tend to be extremely draculalespectacle right after Christmas and there are plenty of other opportunities to shop throughout the year. A day of rest after a busy few weeks can be very beneficial to your health.

All of us here at ALN Senior Care & Home Services hope you have a very happy holiday. We hope these Holiday Health Tips For Seniors keep you and your loves ones safe and healthy during this busy time of year!



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