Finding The Right Caregiver For You

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Right Caregiver

Finding The Right Caregiver For You

Finding The Right Caregiver For You

We all get the opportunity to experience significant milestones throughout our life. Earning a High School Diploma, bearing children, and retirement are a few examples. One milestone we are often not prepared for is when the time comes to hire the right caregiver for ourselves or a loved one. Finding the right caregiver can be extremely difficult, however a perfectly matched caregiver can make the aging process “simpler”.  ALN Senior Care & Home Services has a dedicated staff of Home Care professionals who can find the right caregiver for you.

 How We Find The Right Caregiver For You

Sometimes there is plenty of time to prepare for finding a caregiver. However, in most cases the need for a caregiver is urgent and comes without warning. This leaves families overwhelmed and flustered with trying to find the right caregiver for a loved one or themselves. When hiring a caregiver through  an agency, the perfect caregiver will be found for you through a detailed process.  This allows the family to spend quality time with their loved ones and provide the compassionate family support that is needed during time of ill-health and life changes.

Once you have decided that an agency is the best option for you, the first step in the process is to schedule an In-Home Assessment.

The Assessment

All Assessments conducted by ALN Senior Care & Home Services are no obligation and free for the potential client. The Assessment is very important to matching the right caregiver for you or a loved one. During the assessments a Home Care Nurse Specialist will get to know you. They will ask questions about your hobbies, likes, dislikes, and much more to get an understanding of your unique your-asthma-info. This information is extremely helpful when matching a caregiver with a compatible personality with you or a loved one.

The Nurse will asses also  your medical situation. Each caregiver we employ have special skills for various medical conditions. For example, one caregiver may be an expert in caring for individuals with Alzheimer’s or Dementia. While another caregiver specializes in caring for individuals who suffered from a stroke and are trying to regain lost mobility. Every individual has a unique medical condition and it takes a unique caregiver match to properly meet their needs.


During the in-home assessment, a home safety evaluation is also conducted. During this time, the Nurse Home Care Specialist will make suggestions as to any changes that need to be made for safety concerns in the home. These suggestions can include adding hand rails in bathrooms or hallways, rearranging furniture, using a medication planner, and much more. No changes have to be made, but are only suggestions  to keep you or a loved one safe while at home.

The Care Plan

All the information collected in the Assessment is compiled into a very detailed and precise Care Plan. The Care Plan includes all the details a caregiver must know about your health, likes and dislikes, and daily routine. The Care Plan will have unique information about you such as, what time your prefer to go to bed, favorite meals and preferred eating time, what activities you attend throughout the week and much more.

Finding The Right Caregiver

All caregivers employed by ALN Senior Care & Home Services are hand selected by the most professional Home Care experts in our area. All caregivers are screened, bonded, and insured to guarantee only the best caregivers are employed by us.

Once a caregiver has met all requirements to be hired, they are tested and must demonstrate they are competent in all skills we require. Skill areas that caregivers highly excel in are noted in the caregivers file and entered into our Home Care Management software. Along with skill, likes, dislikes, hobbies and interest are also entered into the software. This cuts the time in half it takes to match yourself or a loved one with right caregiver and get you the quality care you deserve as soon as possible.

If after an assessment we find we do not have the perfect matched caregiver, we will hire a caregiver to fit your unique needs. We guarantee 100% satisfaction of your caregiver or another caregiver will immediately be reassigned to your case.

All caregivers must work a minimum of 20 hours a month to maintain an active employment status at ALN Senior Care & Home Services. Along with working requirements, all caregivers must attend monthly in-service training to continually improve their caregiver skills and keep them evolving into the best caregivers around!

If yourself or a loved one is in need of the right caregivers please give us a call today. (937)335-3941. Our Home Care Nurse Specialist would be more than happy to assist you and review your options. You can also find us on the web at to schedule your free in-home assessment.

Right Caregiver

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