Home Care Facts and Myths

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Home Care Facts and Myths

Home Care Facts and Myths

There are so many misconceptions when it comes to Home Care. Partly because Home Care is one the newest and most desired aging options. Is Home Care just an aging option similar to a Nursing Home or Assisted living Facility? Home Care Agencies like ALN Senior Care & Home Services can be utilized for a number of services for individuals with a wide range of health conditions. Review these Home Care facts and myths to better understand some the misconceptions associated with Home Care.

Myth: Home Care is only for older people.

Fact: Home Care is for anyone who needs it or who desires to have some assistance at home. Anyone from new mothers to terminal ill individuals have used Home Care.

  • Injured from the results of an accident.
  • Developed a progressive disease such as Multiple Sclerosis, Muscular Dystrophy, Dementia, Cancer, or any other debilitating conditions.
  • Suffer from medical conditions or or mishaps that temporarily disable an individual.
  • Discharged post operative and insurance benefits have ran out.

All these circumstances along with many more are all examples of why individuals have elected use a Home Care service.

Myth: Home Care is expensive and only very wealthy people can afford it.

Fact: There are numerous ways to pay for Home Care. Innovative programs are constantly being developed to pay for Home Care. These programs benefit individuals who do not have medical insurance, whose medical benefits have been exhausted or do not cover Home Care.

Each state has different programs available to fund Home Care. Contact us today to review your options.

Myth: Long term care only exists in nursing homes.

Fact: Most people prefer to age in place, staying in their home as long as possible. It has been widely believed that once an individual needs around the clock care they have no option but to reside in a nursing home. This is far from the truth. Most Home Care companies offer around the clock care. This allows an elderly individual to reside at home as long as they like or until they pass away.

Myth: Only Hospice Patients Can Receive Home Care Services.

Fact: As noted above, anyone can receive Home Care. Most Hospice providers will not accommodate for 24 hour care. A quality Home Care company will work hand and hand with your Hospice provider to make sure you are getting the medical and non-medical care you need.

Bonus Fact. Many people believe that you have to be terminally ill to qualify for Hospice. This was true a decade ago. However, now most states require you to have a progressive diseases such as clomid-info Heart Failure or Parkinson diseases to qualify for Hospice. While the condition may eventual cause death, the individual does not have to be experiencing the dying process to qualify for Hospice.

 We hope these Home Care facts and myths have helped give you a better understanding of Home Care. Home Care services are available to virtually anyone with wide variety of medical conditions. If you or a loved one would like more information about what services are available to you please contact ALN Senior Care & Home Services today to review your options.

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