Seniors and Technology

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Seniors and Technology

Seniors and Technology

Seniors and Technology

Seniors and Technology

“Seniors and technology” those two words are usually not paired together. For the most part the senior population is set in their ways and comfortable using technology of the past. We can’t blame them, technology changes all the time and keeping up with the learning curve can even be difficult for the younger generation. However, there is some technology that could make life easier and more exciting for seniors. Just imagine if your Grandfather realized how simple using a DVR is. He would no longer have to set up the VCR on a daily basis to record the daily Soap Operas for your Grandmother. A task that might take him 10-15 mins to complete could be done with one simple button on his cable remote.

Senior and Technology – The Best Technology for Seniors

Smart Phones

Smart phones, more specifically the iPhone can bring a lot of happiness to our senior population. The iPhone has made video calling as painless as possible with their FaceTime feature. With this feature any two iPhone users can talk face to face in matter of seconds with the press of one button. A face to face to call with a Granddaughter who has went away to college would make Grandma really happy. Showing Dad how to set up the DVR over FaceTime would be a lot easier than telling him over the phone!

Seniors and Technology

Hearing Aids

Back in the late 80’s and early 90’s hearing aids became very popular. You could notice a senior with a hearing aid a mile away. For this reason is why the fad faded so quickly, they were too big and bulky. With the advancements in technology hearing aids no longer have to feel like you have a brick hanging from your ear. Most hearing aids come with Bluetooth capability, allowing them to be tiny and transparent. You can also have a hearing aid device planted directly in your ear. With the proper hearing aid, you will no longer have to continually repeat yourself to Grandpa or wonder why he hollers at you when you are having casual conversation.

GPS Systems

Many seniors stop traveling for vacations or even locally in their communities. As we age, our visions starts to decline and maps become harder to read. Heavy traffic and the dreaded summer construction season are other reasons seniors have moved away from traveling. However, with the use of a quality GPS the need for a map is eliminated. As long as you know the address, a GPS will give you turn by turn by turn directions to your destination. More advanced GPS can also avoid areas with traffic jams and construction. Consider getting your grandparents a GPS for Christmas so they can continue to take vacations to their favorite beach in Florida!

Social Media

Seniors and Technology

Social Media platforms like Facebook are another great way for seniors to keep in touch with distant relatives and old friends. With a little coaching any senior who has basic computer skills would be fully capable of using Facebook. A senior family member may need some help getting the account set up and a profile picture set. After that you can show them how to add friends. Before you know it your grandma will be liking pages, commenting on your statuses, and tagging you in embarrassing pictures from your childhood!

Embracing Seniors and Technology

With a little help from friends, family, or even a four your old Grandchild seniors can enjoy the forever evolving technology that most of the population does. If you have a senior family member who is apprehensive about technology encourage them by showing them how convenient some technology can make their life. Technology can be fun, exciting, and make some daunting tasks easier to perform.



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