Benefits of Water Aerobics For Seniors

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Benefits of Water Aerobics For Seniors

Benefits of Water Aerobics For Seniors

Benefits of Water Aerobics For Seniors

Benefits of Water Aerobics For SeniorsWhen we visit our Doctor, exercise is always recommended to improve our overall health no matter what age we are. However, as we age we increase the risk of joint and muscle injuries or falling. The good thing is that the benefits of water aerobics for seniors out way the risks.

What is Water Aerobics?

Water aerobics are most often done in a group setting with one instructor leading a class of 10-15 people. The exercises performed in a water aerobics class consist of traditional workout regimes, however they are performed in a pool. You should not be alarmed if do not know how to swim considering water aerobics are done in waste high water. The resistance of the water makes the workout feel more intense but will not leave you exhausted like a traditional work out. Also the water creates a cushion for your body and reduces any impact on your joints, bones, and muscles. For seniors, water aerobics can be a great overall work out program to keep you active, healthy, and injury free!

The Benefits of Water Aerobics For Seniors


Water Aerobics will provide a light resistance workout that will create a cardiovascular burn. Cardiovascular exercises are extremely important to the elderly because they greatly reduce the chances of developing circulatory issues. Circulatory illnesses include, heart disease, high blood pressure, and stroke. On top of the cardiovascular benefits, resistance exercises  can help maintain muscle strength and stability. These benefits can go along way for preserving balance, range of motion, and mobility that seniors often lose when aging.

Muscle & Joint Protection

As we age our muscles and joints will begin to deteriorate. Without well tuned muscles and joints we can almost completely lose our mobility. The loss of mobility can be devastating to a seniors well being and overall quality of life. When preforming traditional exercises the repeated impact of our feet hitting the ground can strain our ankles, knees, back, and hips. Water aerobics can protect joints and muscles in two ways. First, the buoyancy of the water will support your own body weight. This reduces the pressure and stress your joints and muscles will endure while working out. With water aerobics the risk for injury is nearly eliminated while keeping your joints and muscles strong, which will keep you mobile. Secondly, the resistance of the water will prevent your muscles and joints from moving to quickly. This greatly reduces the risk of hyper extension and repetitive stress injuries.

Fall Prevention & Balance Improvement

A senior who falls is at risk for quite a few injuries. The injuries can include a minor laceration, or more serious injuries like a broken hip or bleeding on the brain. It is inevitable that as we age our balance will decrease and the risk of a fall will increase. This makes traditional workouts sometimes do-dietary-supplements-work and to risky to perform. When doing water aerobics your natural buoyancy keeps you upright, greatly reducing the chances of a fall while working out. If you do completely fall while doing water aerobics you will splash in the water rather than hitting the hard floor. Water aerobics is great way to keep you safe while working out and over time will improve your mobility and balance when preforming task during your daily routines.

   Where Can You Take a Water Aerobics Class?


No Pool! No Problem! In our area, The Lincoln Community Center offers water aerobic classes that help relieve the symptoms associated with arthritis. The classes are free for members and $5.00 for non members. The Aquatic Arthritis Classes are held Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. The Lincoln Community Center is great place to take advantage of the benefits of water aerobics for seniors. Visit the Lincoln Community Centers website for more information on classes and all the other great programs they offer or call 937.335.2714. On top of water aerobics the Lincoln Community Center offers activities for individuals of all ages! Some of these activities include, open gym basketball, pickle-ball, yoga, art classes, after school tutoring, and community health screening. Visit the Center today for a fun and exciting adventure!






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