One-On-One Care Compared To Facility Care

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One On One Care

One-On-One Care Compared To Facility Care

One On One Care Compared To Facility Care

When the time comes to making a decision about a loved one’s care, it can often be difficult deciding what is best moving forward. Most commonly we must make a decision quickly and without having the time to make ourselves knowledgeable of all the available options. Many families believe their only option is a nursing home or assisted living facility. Torn at the thought of removing a loved one from the comforts of their home. This is not the only option. Home Care is becoming the preferred choice among families and their loved ones. Home Care is able to provide more one on one care than what is offered by a facility. Caregivers in a facility setting can be responsible for up to a dozen patients, while Home Care caregivers are only responsible for one.

Home Care: Care With A Personal Touch

Most seniors prefer to age in place. This is due to the fact that even though they may need extra help, they do not want to lose their independence and individuality. While nursing homes and assisted living facilities can provide a safe place for seniors to age, independence and individuality can decline. The institutionalization of a loved one may take away from some of their daily routines. For example, Meals are served at 3 set times each day, certain hours may only be set aside for outside activities, and bathing is done on set days, during set stop-ed-info. Facilities must operate on schedules like this because one caregiver is always required to take care of multiple patients. With Home Care a loved will only receive one on one care. This will allow them to have a midnight snack prepared for them and watch the late show in their favorite chair, or take a walk around the local park whenever they want, or play their favorite Frank Sinatra record at night without having to worry about disturbing other patients. Home Care has been found to be very beneficial to Dementia and Alzheimer’s patients. Studies have concluded that familiar surroundings and routine activities can slow the progression of memory loss. Home Care can relieve the family by knowing their loved ones are safe and taken care of while remaining as independent as possible.

One on one personalized care allows for extensive stimulation and interaction needed for our seniors. The old saying, “If you do not use it, you loose it” is such a true statement. Keeping your loved one stimulated, encouraged and included in their care, is what ALN Senior Care & Home Services provides to each and to every client. We are dedicated to allowing your loved one to age in place, regardless of their current situation.

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