Keys To A Healthy Heart

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Keys To A Healthy Heart

Keys To A Healthy Heart

Keys To a Healthy Heart

Do you take care of your family? Do you take care of your home? Do you take care of your car? Many of you answer “Yes” to these questions, without hesitation. When I get to my last question. Do you take care of you, including your heart? I get a shocked look and a “not really” answer more often than not. Why? I usually get two answers. “I did not know what to do” or “I do not have insurance.” While I am aware, that those are big obstacles to overcome, the only person accountable for your health is you. Every week ALN Senior Care & Home Services will be providing helpful tips and screenings that could potentially change the way you age. February is national heart awareness month, with that being said we will be focusing keys to a healthy heart and raising awareness for the entire month of February.

Did you know heart disease and strokes kill one in three Americans? Heart disease takes more lives than all cancers combine. Many Americans live with heart disease or cardiovascular conditions. Whether the cause be from hereditary, smoking, obesity, lack of exercise, a poorly managed chronic condition or poor eating habits; reality is people are losing their battle to heart disease daily. What is most disheartening for me you may ask? Lack of education. Many lives could be changed, and  the course of disease progression could be slowed medizin-de were provided when pre-hypertension or being at risk for heart disease becomes a discussion. Medication is wonderful and can allow patients with heart disease to live long wonderful lives. By simply educating our patients on the need to exercise and maintain a low sodium diet along with medication, your cardiovascular situation can be significantly changed. While I understand many people with cardiovascular issues do not have the energy or strength to go to the gym and exercise. I do know that many people with heart issues, could find the time to take a 10 minutes brisk walk or participate in light activity three times a day. The goal is to get your heart rate up, you do not have to run a 5k for your cardiovascular situation to be positively affected by exercise. Please refer to the American Heart Association for more tips on caring for your heart. Remember, you only get one!  Have a terrific week and share this post with anyone who may benefit. As always, give ALN Senior Care & Home Services a call for any health care needs or questions. Always consult with your physician prior to implementing changes to your daily regimen.

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