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Free care management


Care Management is a unique service offered by ALN Senior Care & Home Services. As a member of our care management network you have a nurse assigned to assist with any need that may arise. This nurse will be available to the member 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Initially, your nurse will spend a lot of time at your home determining needs and getting to know you, once your needs have been met your nurse will visit you at least monthly. Keep in mind, this nurse will not be providing skilled medical services such as medication administration or wound care, they are there to assist in navigating through the ever challenging and changing healthcare field and ensure your needs are indeed being met. Although we cannot guarantee a solution to every problem that may arise, we will do our best to meet any and all request. Some current members of our Care Management Program have received assistance with paying for medication, utility bill assistance, assistance in apply for resources through the Area Agency on Aging, physician referrals, assistance in scheduling Physician appointments and transportation, Veterans benefits assistance, nurses have accompanied our members to appointments to advocate for them and to assist in explaining results, medication management, and so much more.

To give back to our community through February 14, 2016 we will be accepting nominations for Seniors or Disabled consumers who could benefit from these services. 3 winners will be chosen and the nominator will be notified via email. If the nominee chooses not to accept free care management for one year another nominee will be chosen! The winners will be chosen by our board of directors based on need. To nominate please send ALN Senior Care & Home Services a Facebook message or email
**Please include Name, City, and a brief description of the nominees current situation/struggles, and contact fi-kasino-online for the Nominee/Nominator. ALN Senior Care & Home Services will announce the winners at 9am on February 16, 2016.

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